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Character list/summary (Mod post)

A short piece about any character who is/has been taken. Check here in case your character has a history in this RP already. (Characters with a past, but available for application will be marked with an asterisk).

Club Akatsuki::
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Info: A priest in a rather derelict Church in Tokyo. He joined Club Akatsuki as a last ditch effort to raise funding to repair the roof of the Church. His personal idiolect is rather unique for a priest, as is his obsession with pain. Preferably his own.

Age: 25
Gender: Male
Info: The Treasurer of Club Akatsuki. Has a history of killing off his partners to look like drug-related suicides. Rarely does any onstage work, mainly manages the bar, but does have a partner (currently Hidan) whom he does private shows with. This is mainly because his kink is made for partner work, and not solos (bondage and chains and whips and tight leather).

Age: 22
Gender: Female
Info: Konan is the (sexy) secretary of Rei-sama/Pein who doesn't tolerate bullshit, especially as she is the only female in the club. She brings her office-sexy and music talent to the stage when she performs.

Uchiha Itachi:
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Info: Quiet, not electing to speak about many things. Works behind the bar, eyeing up the make dancers stealthily. He is a focused person, and can seem intimidating (because he is!) and his red eyes are certainly curious, but you don't want to ask about them. Hates his family for the most part- especially his father.

Club Oto:: (I AM SO IMAGINATIVE LOLZ. Up for change whenever we get an Orochimaru.)
Uchiha Sasuke:
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Info: A young man with talent for dancing, who actually never goes on-stage, thanks to his ability to persuade Orochimaru. Is obsessed with his brother, Itachi. (Feel free to interpret that however you wish).

Age: 19
Gender: Male
Info: Raised and sexually used and abused at an orphanage, Sai is regarded as 'easy' because he'll fuck anything. He doesn't seem to have any other emotions than lust. Extremely talented at art, when he calls himself an artist he is actually talking about his mastery of the body. Soon after graduation, Sai ended up in Tokyo's red light district and working as a prostitute. A while later, he found himself being asked to dance at Club Oto, to make up for Sasuke's refusals.

Age: 22
Gender: Female
Info: A bartender at Club Oto, Tayuya just don't give a fuck. She swears, she's cynical and she has no problem standing up to anyone. To make this worse, she's got the brains to back it all up. She has few friends, really just Kidomaru, Sakon and Ukon. She doesn't really care about the immorality of a one night stand or a fling, and she has a running joke of Kimimaro being a chick and Sasuke's girlfriend. She has a huge passion for music, playing the flute as well as having a massive CD collection.

Police Force::
Uchiha Shisui:
Age: 26
Gender: Male
Info: Works in solving drug-related crime. Has investigated several of the deaths at Club Akatsuki, however all of the cases went unsolved. Tends to spend a lot of his time in the club districts, mainly keeping an eye on Itachi and Sasuke. Extremely snarky.

Age: ??
Gender: Female
Info: A rookie on the force, Tenten is the tough-as-nails girl you don't want to piss off because she can aim and hit perfect shots with almost any weapon. Though she seems a tomboy with her weapons obsession and job in the police force, Tenten can be as girly as the next girl, loving shopping and boys. She's learned to be independent the hard way, having lost her parents when she was young.

Shiranui Genma:
Age: Over 9000 30
Gender: Male
Info: The sex. Special force officer. Deals with the hush hush of things, and when things are quiet he takes the time to train rookies. Which he LOVES... That's a lie. He hates it. He hates rookies. <3 When he's not working, he's either at a club, bar or 'sleeping' (rarely alone). He's also a little sarcastic. Just a little. And obsessed with that senbon of his.

Haruno Sakura:
Age: ??
Gender: Female
Info: Once quiet and sweet, Sakura has grown to be a confident, outspoken young woman. She works as a police officer, and is extremely intelligent and has mostly excellent self-control. She can be a leader, and has a good aim with a gun, not to mention no hesitation to stop people but she's a proud person too. And above all that, she keeps her old wounds buried, but she's sensitive, and it can surface at the worst times. So can her stubbornness. But she cares for people, she cares deeply.

Age: ??
Gender: Male
Info: Orphaned at a young age, Haku was forced onto the streets. With his feminine build and looks he started to attract unwanted male attention from an early age. He tried fighting it off at first, but living on the streets... cold and alone, he started to understand what he needed to do to survive. So now he sells his body on the streets. Haku is unlearned, only knows how to survive and use his body to get him things. Although life dealt him a bad hand he still finds time to smile, to laugh and to be genuinely happy.
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