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Email to Akatsuki

Subject: Halloween Party
To: All Akatsuki members
From: Akatsuki no Konan [konan@akatsukiclub.co.jp]

As you should all be aware from the mass invite I just sent out, we shall be having our usual Halloween Party. I've had contact from Pein and he expects that you shall all have respectable behaviour and excellent costumes. I am aware some of you are less than enthusiastic about these parties, but attendance is mandatory by every one of you.

Though there are not many of us, I will remind you that each of you has to have a different costume from the other. It makes us look less respectable if two of you end up wearing the same thing.

- Konan


Club Akatsuki- Host Bar and Dance Club (www.akatsukiclub.co.jp)
Call [xxx-xxxx] for bookings. Birthday nights, Stag and Hen Parties available on request. Annual Valentines, White Day and Christmas parties. Renowned for amazing western-influenced Halloween parties and Tokyo's finest dancers.
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