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To_The Club: A Naruto AU RPG
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'to_theclub' is an AU Naruto role play. It takes place in modern-day Japan on the busy streets of Tokyo. So right away you're thinking 'Tokyo's a big place' and that it is, so the job possibilities and things your character can do are more-or-less endless. There are key things that are different, we can't keep completely to canon because they won't be ninjas. So certain key things will change, but never the people. Is it not the characters that make Naruto come alive and so enjoyable?

This RP centers around the Akatsuki and their plans for taking control of Tokyo business. Can they be stopped? They are a force to be reckoned with and the cops can't pick up the slightest dirt on them because they are too good at what they do.

There is sex, drugs, alcohol; a veritable playground for both young and old. Not everything or everyone is bad, there are those who still remain with pure motives. But they are the minority, but that's what makes it fun.

So come on and join. ♥ You know you want to.
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It's the present day in Tokyo, Japan and the nightlife gives way to underground schemes and masterminds. If there's a place to get away with crime, these streets are them. The clubs bring in enough money- exotic dancers to appeal to the eye of every type of client- but it isn't what is really wanted by these people...

The hippest club boasts an impressive and elite selection of dancers, all with their own element of danger about them and above the pulsating music of the nightclub a Host club is given for those who still believe in emotional relationships. Club Akatsuki makes an impressive amount of money, but amongst that all, the rumours are still rife about the dark ways which the success came and what they want.

To monopolise Tokyo business.

Club Akatsuki has the police force breathing down their necks, surprise checks and a cop always on duty near the establishment is normal. They have yet to be busted, but the rumours still won't go away- the owner isn't a stupid man. Of course there are rival clubs to deal with, some who offer services that Club Akatsuki does not- mostly because Club Akatsuki is all about class, there are some things they just won't do for it will tarnish their image... It should be noted that not all is well behind the scenes, there is death, murder, and dealings with drugs and manipulation.

'Leader' as they call him, knows the business and knows what he is doing...
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I. No God-MODing. Do not assume you can do what you like to another person's character. That's wrong. Don't do it.
II. No OOC. This may not be your typical Naruto setting, they may not be ninjas, but hey- they are still them. Sasuke may be involved with Orochimaru's club (which means that yes he is a dancer) but does he enjoy it? no. Does he LOOK like he's enjoying it on stage? Not at all. Why? This is Sasuke we're talking about- he doesn't like anything.
III. Try and be literate. No chatspeak; 'though' not 'tho'. We all can't be perfect spellers or perfect with grammar (lord knows I'm not) but try. I mean really, it's not that hard. If you use firefox? It has a built in spellchecker, and I'm sure you all can use dictionary.com if you're really stuck.
IV. When posting logs please remember to lj-cut. If you don't know how to do this? check LJ's FAQ page, or ask me or someone else.
V. Don't take OOC drama IC. Either talk things out mun to mun, talk to the mods about it or go to bad_rpers_suck and rant about your problem there if no one is going to listen to you. I won't judge, freedom of speech and all that jazz.
VI. Please use PB (real people) for your character icons. We'd like to keep this as realistic as possible. ♥
VII. Please have fun! :D We're all nice people here. If you have suggestions, complaints or what have you don't be afraid to contact me and the other mods.
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